It felt like it took FOREVER to finish the first draft of Jazzi and Ansel 10, but I wrote The End today. It’s shorter than usual, but it feels like it packed more of a punch, too. I can never tell. Writing is too personal. I’m handing it to my critique partners this week, and THEN I’ll know if I did what I wanted to.

I thought about putting it up for preorder but decided to wait this time in case I didn’t accomplish what I meant to. I hate writing in panic mode. I’d rather wait and feel more secure. And while I wait, I’m going to start plot points for the next Karnie book. I have the whole plot in my mind, and I’m pretty excited about trying to pull it off. That should keep me out of trouble for a while. And I have an idea for a new series, but it’s so vague, it might fall apart before I can stitch it together.

Spring’s coming, and then I start playing outside more. The lazy days of summer are usually busier than when I hibernate in winter. If I want to get any writing done, I need to make myself sit inside and pound the keys. I don’t add any scenes while I’m pulling weeds:)

But for today, I’m throwing discipline out the window. I’m celebrating! Finishing a draft is a small victory, and it should be appreciated properly.


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