This Friday is for fun!

Okay, I usually write on Fridays until it’s time to visit my cousin at St. Anne’s. But everything got changed up this week. I thought my daughter was coming this weekend for her birthday, but our plans fell through. At the same time, my friend’s son came to town for a visit, and I love seeing him, so I asked them to come for supper on Friday night because I THOUGHT this weekend was scheduled. But since plans changed, I can go visit my cousin tomorrow, and see my friend and her son tonight, and instead of a full day of writing, I’m doing some cooking, too. And it will all even out. So, all good.

I love to cook. That’s why Jazzi and Karnie cook so much in their mysteries. And I love to try new things. I had a whole menu planned for tonight: a leek and vegetable soup, a pot roast with potatoes and vegetables for the main course, and since my friend loves peas, peas with bacon and onions as a side dish. She always brings dessert. Yum. And then I watched the Barefoot Contessa, and she made carpaccio. Now my friend loves beef, especially if it can still moo. I love beef, too, but I like mine a little more done. When my sister comes, she likes beef well-done which is hard to do and still have it tender instead of tasting like shoe leather. I’ve found ways to make everyone happy. But carpaccio?

First of all, carpaccio’s expensive. It’s a pound and a quarter of beef tenderloin, which I usually only spring for at special occasions. But I saw this recipe and KNEW my friend would love it. So, I headed to the meat market. We’re going to have more beef and vegetables tonight than any people should eat, but I don’t care. I’ll send home some leftovers for them and keep some for us. HH has a longstanding love affair with steaks, so I don’t have to worry about leftovers. My big worry is trying to get the Caesar salad dressing right. And anything with capers has to taste good, right?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a fun night, some writing time tomorrow, and then a visit with my cousin. Not a bad start for a weekend. Hope yours is awesome, too!

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