HH and I didn’t want to watch anything on TV that made us think too much last night. We’d had a good day. We had friends over on Friday night, and we went to visit my cousin in the nursing home yesterday afternoon. I’d snuck some writing time in before we left, so were feeling relaxed and lazy and wanted to stay that way.

I made a fast and easy supper–chicken fajitas with peppers and onions. Instead of using taco seasoning on the chicken strips, I used a new spice my daughter sent me. She found it at some store in Indy, but that store stopped carrying it. She loved it so much, she tracked it down to a shop in India and sent for it. (I couldn’t believe how much she spent on shipping. She’s SO much more of a foodie than I am). And she thought I’d love it, too, so bought one for me at the same time. It’s wonderful. I love it, but I can’t tell you what it is because everything on the can is in Indian, no English anywhere. It’s not spicy, just delicious. I made a homemade Ranch dressing, substituting nondairy products for the buttermilk. And together on pita, we had a really good supper.

Then we meandered into the living room to relax and watch TV. And I talked HH into trying Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris. OMG, what a frothy, wonderful movie! An English widow who cleans houses to eek out a living decides she wants to go to Paris to buy a gown from Dior. It’s delightful! It was fun to watch a not young actress charm and support whomever she met along the way so that they grow. Not an Oscar candidate. No deep, meaningful messages. But a heartfelt movie that lifts the spirits and enchants. I highly recommend it!

(not a Dior, but almost as glamorous. Photo by Zayceva Tatiana on

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