The Sunday Paper, No More

HH loves reading the morning paper. We’ve had it delivered for over fifty years. For a long time, he’d read our local paper, then head out to buy a Chicago Tribune from Barnes & Noble. A while ago, that paper was always gone when he wanted it, no matter where he went. Then the bookstore moved to a new location and a smaller spot. Starbucks never had it. Neither did our southwest Kroger or Fresh Market, and he gave up. I went online and ordered the Sunday New York Times to be delivered with our local paper on Sunday mornings. And he was a happy camper again.

BUT, a month ago, our local paper decided to quit delivering on Sundays. Instead, they do a Weekend Paper and deliver it on Saturdays. Great, except now, HH doesn’t get the local paper on Sundays OR his New York Times. It comes on Monday.

I know papers are having a hard time, but this means that we pay the SAME price for 6 papers a week, plus a $5 deliver- to-your-porch fee that didn’t used to exist, instead of the 7 we used to get without a delivery fee. And HH doesn’t have ANY paper to enjoy on Sunday. That was his favorite day to enjoy sitting in his recliner and reading page after page of news. We still get the paper, but it’s gotten more expensive for less when people are starting to drop buying it. I don’t understand the reasoning, except that I know with fewer customers, they’re probably suffering. But to charge the people who DO hang on more money for less? It’s sort of a bummer. And I wouldn’t care except that now, HH’s papers don’t come until Monday. When people are busy. It stinks.

8 thoughts on “The Sunday Paper, No More

  1. It does stink. We no longer get any “real” paper at all because the local one only comes twice a week (and costs more) and is strangely lacking in local news… A casualty of the internet, I’m afraid.

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  2. I am still one of the Sunday subscribers to the Detroit free press which also has the nyt crossword, my fav way to wake up on a Sunday, along with a cup of coffee and take my time reading and solving. the paper keeps getting smaller, and I keep signing up for specials, comes down to a dollar a week for Sunday paper delivered so worth it at this point. I know that papers are struggling –

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  3. Reading newspaper in the morning is really a pleasure. I did that long ago for about three to four years. It was a great a way to brush up my English and force me not to look up a word when encountering one. Thank you for reminding me of those days. I loved it. I guess most people just read online, which is not the same kind of pleasure I have to say.

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    1. HH has a tablet and loves looking things up on it, but he loves the paper even more. He really enjoys reading the local news in the Journal Gazette. Glad you’re a newspaper lover, too:)

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  4. Newspapers have been suffering for many years, and some of the more prominent ones don’t exist at all anymore. My hometown paper was locally owned and published all my life, until they were absorbed by a conglomerate of some kind. It’s now actually published elsewhere and shipped in. There is almost no local news in it, just an amalgamation of AP pieces. It’s not as bad here in Boise, but once you get away from it, it becomes hard to go back.

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