Great Entertainment!

My daughter kept bugging me to try the Netflix series Wednesday. Every time I wanted to click on it, HH fussed, but HH loves Tim Burton. He still didn’t want to try it, so when he went to the American Legion he belongs to on Thursday night, I tried it myself. And I loved it. HH came home and listened to how much I liked it, and then HE wanted to see it. So I watched it again. And it’s awesome! I love dark, quirky humor, and this series delivered! Now HH is hooked on it, too..

We hardly ever go to a movie theater anymore. I know. I’m sort of ashamed of myself for that, but movies are expensive anymore, and if you want popcorn and a drink, you’d better have the money budgeted. $9 for a SMALL popcorn–which is NOT small, but still…. Anyway, we wanted to see Dungeons and Dragons, and so did my sister, so we went together. And it was WONDERFUL!!! So much action, wit, and humor. All three of us were glad we saw it on the big screen.

And then, before bed, I’ve been reading William Kent Krueger’s TRICKSTER’S POINT. OMG. It’s brilliant! Every character is well done, the mystery is complex, and the ending surprised me (which doesn’t happen that often, and isn’t always necessary for me, but I loved this surprise), and it had TONS of emotional depth.

Anyway, I had a trifecta week of great entertainment. TV, movies, and reading. What could be better? I’m a happy camper!

6 thoughts on “Great Entertainment!

  1. The movie was so much fun! As for Wednesday on TV, I loved it, but as a mystery buff who pays attention to clues, I think they cheated in one scene at the school dance. But I still loved the series!


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