Happy Easter!

HH, my sister, and I are driving to Indianapolis to celebrate Easter. My grandson and his wife invited us for the day BEFORE Easter to see all of the improvements they’ve made to their house. On actual Easter day, they’re going to Ty’s wife’s family celebration since her family is big, and our family is….pretty darn small. Lots of people come together for his wife’s celebration, so we try to work around it, because…there are so few of us….we can.

I’m taking the entrees, and no one wanted ham since they were going to have ham on Sunday. I gave them suggestions of things I could bring, and they chose salisbury steaks where I substitute cube steaks for the hamburger. And I’m bringing BBQ ribs, a sweet potato casserole, and…(they chose) fruit pizzas. It’s not a menu I’d have ever come up with, but I don’t really care. It’s all about family and fun.

My cousin is in a nursing center, so she can’t make the trip anymore. We’re taking her out to eat on Good Friday. The truth is, we’ll see her on Friday, cook tons of food, then see the kids on Saturday, and then we’ll probably be home and recuperate on Easter Sunday. And that sounds like a great way to celebrate to us. It’s not about the day anymore. It’s about the people.

I hope whatever you celebrate, Easter or something else, you have a wonderful time!

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