Rainy and Cooler

I’m not sure why, but when it’s a cool, rainy day, it puts me in the mood to cook. I wrote a lot yesterday. I’m playing with a new idea and wanted to write a few chapters to hear the characters’ voices and the tone of the book. It’s a bit whimsical, and so far, it’s been fun to write.

I tried to sit down and pound out plot points for my next Karnie mystery, too, but I had to write a few chapters of that for the same reason. I’m a plotter, but ideas don’t flow until I’ve written three or more chapters to get a feel for the book. Then I can start thinking of scenes, the cause and effect, ebb and flow. These two books are SO different, it’s going to be fun to write each of them.

But early this afternoon, my keyboard didn’t call to me like it usually does. My pots and pans called instead. I made one, old favorite recipe–Nigella Lawson’s meatballs. At three, I’m going to visit my sister to see some new knickknacks she’s bought, and she loves meatballs or meatloaf, so I made some to take to her. And then I made a recipe that’s new that interested me. HH loves pasta but isn’t a big fan of pasta salad. But pasta salads make a quick, easy lunch. On the Foodnetwork’s Delicious, Miss Brown, Kardea Brown made a pasta salad with albacore tuna and lots of seasonings. HH loves tuna, so I gave it a try, and he loved it. Yay! Something new to serve for lunch.

I’m having so much fun working on Not A Ghost of A Chance that I’m going to let myself play with that this week, and then I need to get back to Karnie. That’s the book I meant to be working on. I have all of the big events stuck in my head. But sometimes one writing thing yells at me more than another, and Not A Ghost wanted me to at least start it, so I did. Hopefully, it will calm down and wait its turn on my schedule. And yes, I’m the author, but books don’t always do what I tell them to do. Just like my kids:)

7 thoughts on “Rainy and Cooler

  1. You have me really curious about Not a Ghost of a Chance. Are these all brand new characters? I’m wondering what you’re up to now, LOL.

    Oh, and hubs and I have found a few Miss Brown recipes we like. One we make over and over is her low country crab cakes. Delicious!

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    1. I make those, and they’re wonderful! I have two crab cake recipes I make, and hers is the easiest. I have another where I use corn for a French twist, but I bought Kardea’s cookbook and love it.

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    2. LOL. I got excited about the crab cakes and forgot about my book. Not a Ghost has brand new characters, and I’m hoping it’s just sort of fun. I might put up chapter 1 on my blog just to see if people like it.

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