Would I come back?

The new mystery I’ve been working on is different in lots of ways. First, I had to write over ten chapters before I got a feel for it and could plot it. It never happens that way for me. I see characters, then I see the beginning, middle, and end of the story. I write a couple of chapters, and then I plot it out. Somewhere after the middle of the book, I might get an idea for a cover. But this book has been more visual for me than most books. I’m doing everything backward. So, this time, I had to write the chapters AND think of an idea for a cover before the book started to come together in my mind. I was beginning to worry that I had the START of a book and nothing else. But things finally started to gel.

The cover could easily change, but for right now, it helps me picture the book in my mind, so I thought I’d share it.

Detective Harrison was shot over twenty years ago, and no one caught his killer. He’s been in happy oblivion until a young officer who he was kind to decides to reopen the cold case. Tommy really wants to find Harrison’s murderer. But soon after he starts digging into the facts again, Harrison’s longtime partner at the station, who’s now retired, is gunned down in his driveway. And all of a sudden, Harrison finds himself in the bedroom of the wife of the man who was the last person he talked to when he was alive. Was he sent back to help solve his own murder? To find who killed his partner? He wants to dig into what really happened, but the only person who can see or hear him is the wife of the man who might have sent him to his death. And she isn’t one bit the type of woman he always pictured as a rich man’s wife.

I’ve only finished the first fourth of this book, so I have a long way to go. But now, it’s all plotted. I have a map to follow, and I’m pretty sure I’ll reach The End. If I were in bliss, though, would I come back to settle an old score?

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