Mother’s Day

HH and I, along with my sister, are driving to Indy for Mother’s Day with my daughter and grandsons. We agreed on no presents this time. Everyone buys me flowers to plant, but I went to McNamara’s on Friday and spent an obscene amount of money for pink geraniums and vines for my front flower boxes, different flowers for the small flower box at our garage window, a huge flat of marigolds for the plot beside our back patio, and two yellow rose bushes. We got lucky and got the flowers in the ground before tons of rain deluged us last night.

My younger grandson moved to a new apartment, so we’ll get to see that when we go down. And Holly’s going to cook for us. My kids are all good cooks, and she’s making one of my favorites–chicken enchiladas. I’m taking down an almond cake made with almond flour, one of her favorites. We’re all looking forward to it.

My sister and I went to visit my cousin at St. Anne’s last night to help her rearrange things in her room. We moved pictures and knickknacks.and ended up laughing and gossiping more than working. On top of the good time, we saw a gorgeous tree on the property. I’d never seen one like it before, so looked it up, and it’s a hydrangea tree. Beautiful flowers! I didn’t even know there WERE hydrangea trees. And then, on the drive home, we saw a pink Oriental Peony tree. Spectacular! But the blooms only last a week to ten days, like other peonies. My sister is a fan of QVC and watches most of the gardening shows, and I realized I’m WAY behind on the flowers, bushes, and trees available now. Maybe a good thing. I’d want them all:) And our yard can only hold so much without looking tacky.

Anyway, Mother’s Day always makes me think about my kids and grandkids AND flowers. Hope you have a good one!

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Wow. Upper teens. I remembered about your daughter but forgot how challenged she is. My cousin has cerebral palsy and is 65 but closer to 10 or 11 mentally. She’s in a nursing home now and loves it. HH and I visit her every Friday, and she tells us all of the fun things the activity directors do with them every week. It’s wonderful!


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