Poor HH

My handsome husband swears he should have known he was marrying someone with a dark side when I made him promise to let me watch the beheading of Anne Boleyn in the TV series Henry VIII on our honeymoon. Since then, over fifty years later, he insists he’s watched more British mysteries and odd fantasies than any man should have to tolerate. Except, secretly, he loves them. He’s the one who asks to watch Poirot once a week. He just likes to give me a hard time.

The two shows he HAS to watch are the Evening News and Wheel of Fortune. As far as I’m concerned, the evening news is grimmer than Carnival Row–and that’s pretty dark. We just finished the last show of the season last night, and there was more violence, more emotional agony, and more action than we’ve seen for a long time…except maybe when we watch a John Wick. It was a great series, and I loved it, but the plot just kept getting more and more complicated. So complicated, I went back and watched the last episode again just to keep everything that happened and how the subplots intertwined straight in my mind. HH says that’s because I’m such a plot driven person, and I analyze things a bit much, and he’s right. In my defense, though, I enjoy Jane Austen movies and Bridgerton just as much. Poor man. So does he.

I don’t know how it’s happened, but he even loves watching cooking shows with me these days. But then, he’s pretty easy-going. He drew the line at K-drama, though. And gave up on Longmire and Doc Martin, so we compromise. He doesn’t like watching different shows in different rooms, so we have to. That’s fair, because I spend a big block of time every workday in my office pounding the keys, and he has to entertain himself, (which he’s good at).

To end this, I want to mention that I might enjoy killing people on paper and watching, as he calls them, odd shows, but I’m actually a pretty upbeat, positive person. Maybe because writing and reading are outlets for my dark side. So, they’re good for me!

2 thoughts on “Poor HH

  1. My critique partner loves it, too. HH isn’t convinced yet, but maybe he’ll come around. Maybe. He’s started to like Midnight Diner, so that’s a start.


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