Babet and Prosper novellas

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Bundle One:

Babet and Prosper are short, fun urban fantasy stories that I wrote between novels.  Every time I visited them in River City, they recharged my writing battery.  When I had four or five of them, I bundled them together.  Babet is a witch who belongs to her mother’s coven.  She helps the River City supernatural law enforcers solve supernatural crimes.  Prosper is a werebear detective, who’s partnered with Hatchet, the liaison detective who tries to coordinate between mortals and the “others” who live in the city.  Tourists come to River City for its jazz, magic shops, beignets, and hurricanes.  Voodoo mixes with Tarot readings and Creole restaurants.

Each novella is about 11,000 words, so that you can read it over a lunch hour or on a commute.  Babet & Prosper have a little sizzle and a sprinkle of magic.  I hope you give them a try and enjoy them.

You can find them on my Judith Post author page at: