Lux Mysteries

Lux Millhouse Milton is filthy rich and tired of apologizing for it.  In college, she studied journalism and when she graduated, got a job as a reporter.  But after her parents died, she left Chicago and moved to Summit City to start a business with her friends.   She loves them all, but one of the Johnson brothers is starting to spark lots more serious feelings than friendship, so when his youngest brother moves to town to join the family and becomes entangled in a drug deal gone wrong and murder, Lux uses her investigative skills to keep him out of trouble.

(Between Lux books, I shared two short stories on this blog: TRICK OR TREAT and BLACK CAT, for Halloween 2020).

Lux couldn’t be happier. Her beloved Cook is moving to be near her in Summit City. She’s following the moving trucks from Chicago that carry the items Lux put in storage after her parents died. A double win. Lux will have one of her favorite people close by AND some of her parents’ cherished paintings and furniture. But when the trucks arrive, some of those items are missing. Someone stole them before they reached her. On top of that, when she visits the units a few days later, she finds a dead body inside it. Not the happy reunion she’d been counting on.

After this book, I’m sharing a Lux short story, The Works, on the blog.