Muddy River Mysteries (Raven and Hester)

Muddy River Mystery One, cover

Hester Wand left Salem when the witch trials began and trekked to southern Indiana, picking up other supernaturals on her journey, until she had a coven and enough people to form a settlement on the banks of the Ohio River. They chose a secluded area, far from mortals, and warded it so that no humans would find them.
Raven Black, a fire demon, joined the settlement a short time later and became the town’s enforcer. His job was to find and punish any supernaturals who broke the rules the settlement established.
When Raven finds thirteen dead girls—all part of a new, young coven that was starting up—he asks for Hester to help him solve what happened. The crime involves witch magic, something she’s an expert at.
What neither he nor Hester anticipate is the friction the crime brings to Muddy River.