Muddy River Mysteries

Hester Wand left Salem when the witch trials began and trekked to southern Indiana, picking up other supernaturals on her journey, until she had a coven and enough people to form a settlement on the banks of the Ohio River. They chose a secluded area, far from mortals, and warded it so that no humans would find them.
Raven Black, a fire demon, joined the settlement a short time later and became the town’s enforcer. His job was to find and punish any supernaturals who broke the rules the settlement established.
When Raven finds thirteen dead girls—all part of a new, young coven that was starting up—he asks for Hester to help him solve what happened. The crime involves witch magic, something she’s an expert at.
What neither he nor Hester anticipate is the friction the crime brings to Muddy River.


When Raven tries to surprise Hester by buying a lake cottage that includes small log cabins for weekend guests, they get more of a shock than a surprise.  Hester’s familiar, Claws, finds two dead bodies in one of the cabins.  Worse, the victims are mortals, and Raven feels compelled to find out who they are so that he can report their deaths to any family left behind.  The problem is, when he looks into why every ounce of life energy was drained from them, he finds that more mortals have died the same way.  Is there a rogue incubus who’s targeting mortals?  And why would he choose humans instead of supernaturals?


Raven and Hester are asked to find out what happened to a new, start-up supernatural settlement full of young couples.  They find all the parents dead, their bodies covered with puncture wounds.  All the children are missing.  Where did they go?  Who took them?  And more importantly, WHY did they take them?  With Murlyn, a warlock who practices black magic with his coven involved, the stakes are high.  The Muddy River team, along with Raven’s friend–a supernatural marshal–has to find the children.  And fast.


When supernaturals leave Muddy River, they don’t return.  It soon becomes obvious that Muddy River is under attack.  The enemies can’t pass Hester and her coven’s wards, but when anyone steps past them, they’re in danger, so Raven and Hester, along with some friends, go to search for whoever or whatever is killing Muddy River residents.

A young witch has been kidnapped and trapped.  Her only hope of ever escaping is to concentrate hard enough to stain a nearby supernatural’s skin with a tattoo.  The Celtic symbol creates the same dream for that person every night–a plea for help from her.  When Festus returns to Muddy River and is plagued by dreams, he goes to Hester for relief.  She touches the tattoo and her magic releases the girl’s message.  But how do they find her to rescue her?

A succubus, who was Derek’s lover centuries ago, wants him back. Enough to pay bounty hunters to bring him to her. Alive.

It’s spring break in Muddy River. No teaching. No coven meetings. Hester’s ready to kick back and relax for a week. Raven decides to take time off, too, so they can drive to their lake cabin for some much needed alone time. But their vacation ends before they even reach their destination. Old, powerful vampires attack them, and they have to battle before they reach the safety of Hester’s wards. Then they learn that Muddy River’s under attack, too. Their lake property’s surrounded by enemies and so is their town. How can they return to help their friends? They discover where there’s a will, there’s a way.