MURDER THEY WROTE, an anthology

7 mysteries, 7 different genres, 7 different authors:

C.S. Boyack’s story is speculative fiction with a healthy dash of humor. In From the Files of Jason Fogg. Jason, a P.I., can dissolve into fog to sneak through open windows and snoop for clues.

Mae Clair’s A WINTER RECKONING, delves into a murder at a medieval castle. A young, newly married knight with a temper, must prove he’s innocent of killing the obnoxious host of a winter holiday get-together.

Julia Donner, known for the wry wit in her Regency romances, sends Lord Asterly and his wife, Elizabeth, to a garden party where a body’s found in the host’s stately house.

Judi Lynn’s cozy mystery finds Jazzi and Ansel volunteering to renovate the kitchen, dining room, and half bath of a grand, old home for charity. Unfortunately, they find the body of Eleanor Peabody, the caterer, in a hall closet.

Kathleen Palm’s psychological thriller (or horror) story introduces two sisters, twins, who’ve moved to a new home, the house of a long dead, forgotten relative. When they explore the attic, they discover not one, but two ghosts, haunting it.

D. P. Reisig tells the historical mystery of Abraham Lincoln as a lawyer. He’s agreed to defend one of his old friend’s sons, who’s accused of murder.

And finally, the last author in alphabetical order, Rachel Sherwood Roberts explores the disappearance or theft of a valuable butterfly collection and its effects on the life of the lonely, bored widow, living in the home where her dead husband grew up.