Shame on Me

I had an entire day free, and I meant to write. Honestly, I did. But then yesterday, a friend told me about clips he’d watched and enjoyed on YouTube. I don’t watch that much TV and hadn’t really paid much attention to that channel. But HH loves Linda Ronstadt songs, and Les told me that there was a video of all of the places where Ronstadt had lived in California, and I knew HH would enjoy that, so when he got up this morning and was drinking his coffee, I played it for him. And he DID love it. A lot. So he asked if I could find a few more singers he liked, and after that, we ended up watching Derek Hough’s top 20 dances on Dancing with the Stars, because HH and I both love dancing. We used to travel to any place close by to watch live performances of Bob Fosse’s productions. And before we knew it, the morning was shot. No work done. No work at all.

Am I sorry? Not one little bit. Sometimes, change of pace is exactly what I need. Yesterday, I attended writers’ club. This morning, I watched YouTube. My brain had been getting tired and a little sick of me pushing it for hours a day. Today, the little grey cells feel perkier, happier. I must have needed a break.

Now, I’m sitting at my keyboard again. And I’m in the mood to spew out some words.

Hope you’ve had a good week, too!