Christmas–a little late

My daughter,  grandson, and his fiancee drove up from Indy this weekend for our Christmas celebration.  We’re getting together with my two sisters and cousin to do our big meal and gift exchange.  Holly–my daughter–is a nurse and had to work on the real holiday and New Year’s Eve, so we postponed it until everyone could get together.  At first, we planned it for Jan. 12, but Holly had to work that weekend, too, to make up for losing two days to strep throat.  A friend covered for her when she was sick, so Holly had to return the favor.  That means, everyone came this weekend–when Mother Nature decided to dump snow and high winds on us.  They came anyway.  And Ty and Emily brought their new puppy–who’s adorable.  Our poor chihuahua wasn’t sure what to make of her, but he’s decided she’s okay.  Our cat ignores her.  We’re having a great time–lots of food, lots of catching up, and lots of fun.

Hopefully, highway 69 will be plowed tomorrow when Ty and Emily need to drive home.  Holly can stay a day longer.  My brain has shut down from writer’s mode to family mode, and it will have to reboot on Tuesday.  So this blog is extra short.

But I hope words are flowing for all of you.  Happy Writing!



Chapter 2’s up!

This Thursday’s going to be as busy as last Thursday, so I’m posting chapter two today to make sure it goes up on time.  Tomorrow is my very last therapy session for my broken leg. I almost have full range of movement and it’s stronger, thanks to my therapists, so I’m taking them snacks tomorrow for my last day.  They’ve put up with me since July and they’re all awesome!  Anyway, here’s the link for the chapter.  Hope you enjoy!