An oldie, but I think it’s a goodie

For the next few months, I’m going to be busy pounding out my third mystery.  I won’t have time to write anything new for my webpage, so I’m going to offer up chapters from one of my early books that I self-published, an urban fantasy.  EMPTY ALTARS features my favorite Greek/Roman goddess, Diana, and an older Norse god, Tyr.  I hope you like it.  Here’s chapter one:

EMPTY ALTARS is Free, March 2-6


I love Greek and Norse myths, so decided to bump them together in a book.  Diana, goddess of the hunt, the moon, and witchcraft is none too happy when her runes whip her out of her Manhattan penthouse to send her to a Norse meadow that hasn’t changed since the Viking days.  Tyr and Donar are even less happy to find her there, but Freya insists they need Diana’s help to win against Heid, a dark witch who refuses to stay dead.

Writing when you have no patience

Okay, I really meant to put one part of Freya’s story on my webpage each week for the month of March. But it feels like it’s taking forever to me, and I can’t stand it. So, I’m putting up Part 3 today, Part 4 on Wednesday, and Part 5 on Thursday. Now you’ll believe me when I tell you that I don’t have lots of patience. You can find all five parts on my webpage, one each day. Hope you like them!

Is Being a Goddess a Good Gig?

I watch Nigella Lawson on the cooking channel.  Have lots of her cookbooks, and would love to make being a Domestic Goddess look as easy as she does.  She whips up wondrous meals for half a dozen friends or so, who drop by without warning, and makes it all look effortless and fun.  Me, just getting supper on the table every night for six people (more if the boys have friends over) makes my hair frizzy, my temper short, and my shirt splattered.  I swear, I can’t cook a meal without a grease stain.  But the point is, even trying for mortal goddess status is more work than I might be up to.

One of my other loves is Greek mythology with a little Norse thrown in.  My favorite goddess is Artemis (Diana to Romans), the goddess of the hunt, mistress of the moon, and Hecate at the crossroads.  She can be demure when she’s left to her own devices, but fearsome if crossed.  I kind of like that combination–a nature girl you should never tick off with some magic up her sleeve.  That’s why she’s my protagonist in EMPTY ALTARS.  But to the Greeks and Romans, there was a god or goddess you could call on for any occasion.  And each god had his groupies.  Made me wonder what kind of person would pick which one?  And why would that particular god appeal to him?  Even more, if you could be a god or goddess, would you want to be?  Or would it end up not as glamorous and carefree as it seems.  What strings come attached to the gig?

So….if you had your choice, would you or wouldn’t you?  And who would you pick?  Zeus/Jupiter–the head honcho who dallies around, gets in trouble with his wife, and can throw lightning bolts?   Aphrodite/Venus–goddess of love and beauty?  Or Hermes/Mercury–the clever, naughty god?  Maybe brainy Athena/Minerva?  There’s a dozen to choose from, and if none of them trip your trigger, there are Celt and Norse gods too.  Who’s your favorite?