A Cut Above is due on May 3rd, but I’ve put it up for a Goodreads giveaway, April 22nd to May 5th for 50 winners. I’m hoping I’ll get some good reviews from it then. I joined Goodreads when I first started writing, and I’m still glad I did. Amazing readers are there.

A Cut Above: a Karnie Cleaver mystery – Kindle edition by Lynn, Judi. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Kindle eBooks @

A First for me!

If you belong to Goodreads, my publisher–Kensington–is offering The Body in the Attic in a giveaway from Aug. 30-Sept. 13 and will give away 100 FREE e-copies to winners.  You can sign up here:

I’ve belonged to Goodreads for a long time.  I’ve even worked with the wonderful Tana from Making Connections and given away 10 free copies of my self-published urban fantasies before.  But I’ve never given away 100 copies.  And Kensington has never promoted my books this way before.  It’s a first for me, and I love it!  So, if you’re a member, and you like mysteries, I hope you give it a shot.  And good luck!

The Body in the Attic ebook