Deep POV

I enjoy deep POV in stories. It sucks me into the main character’s head and makes what’s happening more immediate. I use some methods to achieve it–eliminating tags and words like “she thought” and “she felt.” But I have a friend who EXCELS at it, and it makes her stories riveting. She’s proof deep POV brings a story to life because when I put together the anthology MURDER THEY WROTE, Kathy Palm’s story was mentioned by reviewers over and over again.

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What IS deep POV? It’s plopping yourself right inside the main character’s head, thinking his thoughts, seeing what he sees. It’s more than third person limited. It’s living and breathing the character. I found a site that does a great job of explaining why a writer should use it and how to achieve it. How to Write Deep POV: 8 Tips for Using an Immersive Point of View – 2021 – MasterClass

The reason I’m thinking about it again is because I read Kathy’s newest story, REVEALED, in the free issue of Hellhound Magazine: ISSUES | My Site ( Whenever I want to remember how effective deep POV can be, I read one of Kathy’s stories. This one is amazing!

This blog is a bit of a plug for Kathy’s writing, but it’s also a plug for deep POV. If you’re like me, you might only use it here and there in your usual third person limited story. But it’s something to think about. It works when you want to make part of your story more immediate.