Don’t Make the Mistakes I Have

I’m posting my blog really late this week.  I have a good excuse.  I screwed up.  I’ve written plenty of posts about people learning from my mistakes.  Those posts talked about writing or marketing–all of the things I did along the way that, in retrospect, I probably could have done better or smarter.  This isn’t one of those blogs.  This time, I’m telling you to never stand on a rocking chair to reach a high shelf.  Because, if the cushion (a new one I put on that doesn’t tie) slides out from under your feet, then you can fall and break your leg.  Which I did.  I’ve stood on that rocking chair for years and years, but I didn’t think about the new cushion.  I should have.  But regardless, I won’t be climbing on rocking chairs ever again.  I try to learn from my mistakes:)

I went to the hospital Saturday night and had surgery late Monday.  Every nurse, doctor, and staff person I  met was incredibly wonderful and made a crappy situation better.  Did they roll their eyes when they asked how I broke my leg?  Yes, they did, but they laughed with me, not at me:) Since my husband’s retired and can help me, and my family all pitched in to help, too,  I got to come home last night, and boy, did that feel good!  I can’t put any weight on my left leg for three months, so everything feels awkward and difficult, but I can’t ramble around the house like I usually do, and it’s not easy to pop in and out, so hopefully, I’ll keep butt in chair and get more writing done. There’s a bright side to almost everything, right?

Anyway,  that’s why my blog’s late this week.  So stay healthy, and keep writing!  And don’t do what I do.  No rocking chairs as step stools for you!