I’m Glad I’m Not a Perfectionist:)

You know, I’ve always been goal driven. My goals might not be noticeable to anyone else, but I know they’re there. They usually involve writing. I have a chalkboard in my office–probably a security blanket from my days of teaching. If I write a note in chalk, then I should take it seriously. Right now, my board has a list of 9 goals, and 5 of them are checked off. When they’re ALL crossed off, then I start a new list. Number 1 was “Finish Part 5 of Freya’s Story.” Done, and it’s already on my webpage. Number 2 was “Write a Babet & Prosper mystery.” Done, too. I sent it to a mystery magazine, and I’m pretty sure it has too much urban fantasy to work there, but the idea intrigued me. If it’s not for them, no problem. Because then I can put that story on my webpage, too. Number 3: “Finish the draft for the third Wolf’s Bane novel and give to my critique partners.” Kabam! Done. But I still haven’t heard back from one of them, so I’m waiting to do rewrites. Anyway, you get the idea.

I make lists for lots of things. I plan out menus for meals each week. I have killer grocery store lists. I make and remake schedules. They all look good on paper. My blessing? If I fall short, hey, life happens, right? I like to be organized, but I don’t expect to get everything right. I don’t beat myself up if the gnat of laziness flies up my nose, and the house doesn’t get dusted on Saturdays (like it’s supposed to). I try to write every weekday (except Writers’ Club Wednesdays twice a month–I consider those work days in themselves). I don’t give myself how many pages I’m supposed to get done per day, because my brain doesn’t work like that. If I get my fanny in a chair and write and delete the same paragraph over and over again, I figure I needed to fight with that scene/transition/or whatever until I get right. So it’s not time wasted. Some days, I write more pages than others. But if I sit at my computer every day, eventually I’ll end up with something. Some of it’s better than others, but that’s what rewrites are for. I don’t expect perfection the first time, and I don’t expect perfection when I’m finished. Because, in my opinion, perfection is impossible to achieve. It’s only a goal to aim for. When I try something new, it’s okay if I don’t get it right the first time. As long as I strive to do my best, I’m happy with myself.

P.S. I put a new short-SHORT Fallen Angels story on my webpage. Look for Brotherly Love in the left column. http://www.judithpostswritingmusings.com/