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Part 2 of Uncommon Allies is up.



Uncommon Allies–part 1–is up

If you like castles, magic, witches, and vampires, you might like this short lunch hour read.  Part one’s up now.  https://www.judithpostswritingmusings.com/



Chapter 17’s up


Also, I added my BookBubs links to my author info, if anyone would like to follow me there.  My urban fantasies as Judith Post: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/judith-post?list=author_books

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It’s not all about the writing

If you’ve read my blog much, you know that I’m a sucker for writers who can mesmerize me  with their use of language.  I’ve said it before, but Theodore Sturgeon’s The Silken-Swift (a short story in his anthology E Pluribus Unicorn) still stuns me with its lyrical beauty.  I reread it off and on just to remember how beautiful words can be–  (available here: http://www.baen.com/Chapters/9781625791177/9781625791177___2.htm).  Alice Hoffman and Sarah Addison Allen feel poetic to me when I read them because of their what-feels-simple-but-isn’t, visual, almost magical quality.  Elizabeth George’s mysteries…well, what can I say?  I idolize her writing.  It makes me work, it has so much depth, so many layers.  She’s NEVER a fast read for me.  I savor her.

All that said, to my shame, I’ve discovered that I can be had with almost any magic and abandon, even if the writing’s just passable.  Sometimes, I just want something FUN.  If word repetition and misplaced commas are only occasional, I go with the characters and the story.  I’m reading The Crystal by Sandra Cox right now and absolutely enjoying it.  Yes, once in a while, commas are in the wrong place.  Do I care?  For about half a second.  I’m too busy trying to keep up with all of the characters’ shenanigans.  And there’s MAGIC.  Kathy Palm would be proud of me.  Her book series, which someday I’ll gladly announce and promote because she belongs to my writers’ club and she’s read us chapters that are AWESOME, is a fantasy series.  She loves magic, but I might love it just as much.  My magic taste runs to fun and games, though, like When Demons Walk by Patricia Briggs and Firelight by Kristen Callihan.  And Sandra Cox delivers plenty of fun.  There’s a crystal ball–that was bespelled–by a fairy.  Gabby Bell buys it before Christopher Saint can steal it, and the mayhem begins.  (I found this book on Mae Clair’s blog:  https://maeclair.net/blog/).   I’d read three romances in a row–all good–but I was ready for something fun and frivolous.  And so far, this book is really delivering.  The writing is solid–(no, it’s not up to Elizabeth George, but neither am I).  The star of the book is the STORY.

Every once in a while, I get so absorbed in word choice, plot, and pacing that I forget to just have fun with my characters.  Yes, every book needs a BIG question that drives the story. It needs tension and pacing.  But some books, every once in a while, have a SPARK.  And that spark can make me stay up past midnight and risk turning into a pumpkin to see what happens next.  It’s just plain FUN.  And inbetween serious books, romances with angst, and characters buried under problems, a little fun is sometimes welcome.  Can’t wait to finish this book!

The Crystal, by Sandra Cox:  https://www.amazon.com/Sandra-Cox/e/B002BM3AKC/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1483562143&sr=1-2-ent

By the way, I put up chapter 3 of VERDANTA on my webpage if you like nymphs, sprites, and mortals.  http://www.judithpostswritingmusings.com/

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Chapter 9’s up

I’m going to start posting chapters faster, or we’ll be into the holidays before we finish this book.  I don’t want to pester you with a message every time a chapter goes up, so I’ll only mention them occasionally.  But if you want to keep up with the story, you might want to check my webpage more often.  For this chapter, Zoey learns the truth.  And it’s ugly.




Planets And Runes

I’m hooked.  I’m an astrology junkie.  I faithfully read Jonathan Cainer every day and Susan Miller once a month.  And I know that astronomers think of the planets’ movements in a scientific way (to the point that they demoted Pluto, drat them), and I know that science would snort in disdain that I think of the planets as influencing my life, but I don’t care.  Science aside, if our Creator positioned planets and their movements to exert influences over the ups and downs of my destiny, I can only admire Him for that…even though I’d like a lot more ups and a few less downs.  I mean, if Life is growth…and that’s a big IF, (I haven’t figured out anything better yet), then having it programmed with challenges and blessings seems like a great idea to me.  And each planet rules something different, so when my finances hit the skids, the planet of love might make my home life warm and fuzzy.  When Mercury is retrograde, Venus might transit the sun.

I’m always happy when I read my weekly horoscopes and get happy predictions.  Not so thrilled when I found the horoscope that said, “Well, too bad, but you seem to have a crappy twelve year cycle coming up.”  …And the damned thing was right.  But at least, forewarned is forearmed, right?  Either that, or it’s just easy to get depressed.  Anyway, the thing is, even though I say that I don’t want to know the future, a tiny part of me does.  Or at least, the trends of the future, because everyone’s specifics are different.

But when I go to my sites to get my horoscope fix, most of them have all sorts of other things available too.  Tarot readings.  Now, I am transfixed by the beauty and mysticism of Tarot cards.  I bought a deck once, but I was too afraid to try them.  What if they told me something specific that I didn’t want to know?  What if I need to cling to a small bubble of hope to hang on to my dream?  And the Tarot tell me that I’m never going to achieve my goal.  Do I want to know?  Or do I want to keep trying?  And what if I give up, and I misinterpreted the hand I was dealt?  Aaargh.

Anyway, long story short, the Tarot and I Ching and palm reading, etc. made me think about runes.  One of my favorite movies (and now you’re going to know what a genre junkie I really am) is The Thirteenth Warrior.  I make someone watch it with me once a year.  And I love the scene where the old woman throws the bones and chooses the thirteen men who will fight the “fire worm.”  Come to think of it, this movie is probably what got me back on my Norse binge too.  But besides studying the skies, lots of early cultures tossed bones and studied entrails to predict the future.  Entrails don’t appeal to me all that much, so bones were my weapon of choice.  And that’s how I came up with my  goddess, Diana, tossing her runes to discover her destiny.  And it felt right.  She has runes.  I have planets.  And we both believe in them, even when we don’t like what they tell us.