Happy Mother’s Day

For me, Mother’s Day is sort of like Valentine’s Day. Mushy and romanticized.

Romance is as bothersome as it is wonderful. Yes, I love HH. Have I ever fantasized about throttling him? Over and over again. My daughter Robyn has told her wonderful husband many times, “Stop now before I beat you to death with my frying pan and throw you in the Everglades.” (They live in Florida. And he knows that’s when he’s pushing his luck.)

Mother’s Day is always about the bond between mother and child. There HAS to be that bond, or mothers would throw in the towel and walk away. Kids are WORK. Babies mean loss of sleep. And every step along the way, they can make you CRAZY. I taught for six years before I had my two girls. I thought I knew all the tricks to staying one step ahead of them. Little did I know. Kids are ALWAYS challenging you. There has to be some weird DNA built-in protective device to keep us from throwing them out of the house, especially when they become teenagers. Parents deserve purple hearts for surviving children. But is it all worth it? Sure it is! So HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!