On Sale

The podcast of Nuts!, my Laurel and Nick short story, performed by the Down and Out team of T.G. Wolff and Jack Wolff, comes out tomorrow at 1:30. It’s the first story in a series they’re going to perform. I can’t post a link until the link goes live, so I’ll put it up tomorrow, June 3, once it’s available.

But to celebrate, I made Posed in Death, my Laurel and Nick novel, FREE from June 2 – 6. It’s darker than a usual cozy, and that’s why I chose a darker type of cover for it. No friendly pug in front of a murder scene, but it was fun to write. If you try the podcast or the book, I hope you like them!

I’m excited

A while ago, a fellow writer sent me an e-mail, asking if I’d be interested in sending her a short mystery for a podcast that she and her husband produce. They perform the story with music. I thought it sounded wonderful. She wanted a short mystery with a theme of a last word before dying. Right up my alley!

T. G. Wolff is a wonderful writer herself. https://www.amazon.com/TG-Wolff/e/B07V6N9ZGN?ref=dbs_m_mng_rwt_byln I did a reading with her once but never knew she and her husband did a podcast, MYSTERIES TO DIE FOR. This will be season 4, and my story will be featured on June 3rd. I can’t wait!

Mysteries to Die For is sponsored by Down & Out Books. My story’s title was supposed to be the dying word the victim muttered. So mine’s titled Nuts! The protagonists are Nick and Laurel from the novel POSED IN DEATH. It’s their first anniversary, and they’ve rented a bnb in Michigan to celebrate. When they get there, though, they find the owner lying on the kitchen floor, gasping for air. They call 911, but the woman doesn’t live long enough to reach the hospital. She’s had an allergic reaction and every one of her EpiPens is missing. Hmm… How could that happen?

To celebrate the podcast, I’ve made POSED IN DEATH free on Amazon from June 2nd to the 6th. The Fussy Librarian will promote it on June 3rd. I hope people take the time to listen to the podcast on June 3rd. I’m excited to hear how it turned out. To have it performed WITH music? What a treat!

Here’s the cover for Nuts!

And here’s the info for POSED IN DEATH, free June 2-6.

Audio Podcast

Leah Bailey invited me to a Q&A on her podcast, COZY INK, and it aired today. I was nervous, but she’s so easy to talk to and so pleasant, I ended up really enjoying myself. Leah’s an author herself, so it was like talking shop with a new writer I’d never met before. If you’d like to check out the podcast and read more about Leah, you can find the interview here: