Behind Again

I was ahead.  Now I’m behind.  It’s time for me to glue my fanny in my chair and write, write, write!  I’ve spent most of November and December on a social buzz–lots of company and holidays.  Lots more than usual. But I’m a Libra.  I love connecting with friends and family.  I love cooking and catching up.  New recipes, new cookbooks excite me.  But now, I need alone time.  I get a bit cranky without it. And while lots of people detox during January, I need solitary time.  I need to lock the door to my office and caress keyboard keys with my fingertips.

I need to write a LOT of words.  And I’m so ready!  Paula, Jason, and Chase have been calling to me, but I’ve made them wait.  I can write urban fantasy inbetween bits and pieces of life.  I think of River City as my second home.  I can bounce inside of Babet’s head in a mini-second.  I know her, and I love Prosper as much as she does.  When I walk down Magic Street, I look for the tourists who zip from shop to shop.  I feel the sweat cling to my skin because of the heat and humidity.  And I tense up when I make the drive to the voodoo settlement by the bayou.  I know what those women are capable of.

With my romances, I have to live inside the characters, feel their emotions rise and fall, and I can’t do that with lots of interruptions.  Someday, maybe.  But not yet.  Romance is still new to me.  Each book deals with a new protagonist, and each protagonist is different than the one before.  She wrestles with different demons, strives for different goals.  I make the book’s journey with her, watching her evolve.  I can’t pop in and out of her head.  I have to live in her skin and feel what she feels.

January is dedicated to Paula, Jason, and Chase.  The poor girl is surrounded by more hot men than any woman deserves.  (Yeah, I feel for her:)  But Ian is happily married.  Cross him off the available list.  And sexy Tyne, the new assistant chef, feels more like a kid brother than a love interest.  Scratch him, too.  That leaves Chase, the perpetual bachelor, and Jason, the player.  Tough choice.  But that’s what this book is about.  Which one is a keeper?

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