Off Schedule…Again.

Sunday was a beautiful day, so instead of sitting at my computer like a good girl and writing my blog, HH and I took off to go shopping. I’ve turned into a horrible shopper. The heavens have to align, the skies have to be blue, and I have to be desperate to find what I need. And if I don’t find it fairly quickly, I lose patience and return home without it.

When I was young, I loved window shopping, browsing in the mall for an afternoon, and visiting the food court. These days, we’re retired. Only good friends usually see me. If I have a few decent outfits to go out in public, I’m happy. I wear exercise pants and a sloppy top most days while I stay home. Comfort is key.

If I can’t find something in a store, I’m an online shopper. But that’s tricky, too. Too many times, the item I order isn’t exactly how I pictured it, and I put off sending it back. The shopping I do most these days is for online groceries and cat food. Pitiful. Nothing glamorous for me, and it’s my own fault:)

This trip out, instead of buying new pajamas that I really need, I ended up buying a new set of pots and pans for our grandson when he moves into his new apartment. I can’t resist the kitchen area of any store. But today, I go online and won’t let myself write until I find new PJs and new socks. Yes, it’s a must. And then it’s back to Jazzi and Ansel–my happy place.