Super Bowl Sunday

My daughter called to tell us she was coming up on Sunday to watch the Super Bowl with us. HH isn’t that much into sports. Once in a great while, he watches LeBron James play basketball and occasionally, he’ll watch a golf tournament, but that’s about it. I don’t even know the teams that are playing in this year’s Super Bowl. Neither does he. But we used to faithfully give a big get-together for the boys and their friends for the Super Bowl, and I cooked tons of food. Teenage and early 20 boys can wipe out a tabletop of goodies.

We hadn’t expected to see anyone this year. Both of our grandsons live in Indianapolis now, and I’m guessing they’ll do their own thing. But all of a sudden, our daughter’s coming, and I feel like I should do something to make it special. We had my sister over for a visit last weekend, and I made one of her favorites–tons of little meatballs with caramelized onions in toasted hot dog buns. And I don’t want to look at another meatball right now. Since Holly’s coming, I invited my sister over for the evening, too, and she won’t eat any meat that has bones in it. Don’t ask, but that means buffalo wings won’t do it for her. I’ve decided to make buffalo chicken flatbreads instead and air-fryer beef satays, along with tzatziki sauce and a spinach/artichoke dip with pita. That should feel a little party-like without being tons of work.

I’m scheduling this post now which means it will come out AFTER Super Bowl, but I hope if you’re a football fan, you had a great time!