Mystery Musings

Someday, I’m going to Malice Domestic.  I intended to go this year.  It’s one of the big writer conferences for mystery writers.  Kensington, my publisher, has a presence there.  I met a few really nice authors at last year’s Kensington mini-con for the Midwest, and I looked forward to seeing them again.  My husband’s aunt and uncle lived in Bethesda, and we visited them a few times.  I love the area.  I love being a tourist in Washington, D.C.

Malice takes place in early May.  I meant to sign up for it in January.  But plans go awry.

My younger grandson is in the marines.  He called to tell us that he was planning on taking leave and coming home in May.  I’m a dedicated writer, but I haven’t seen him for two years.  He trumped the conference.  Last week, he called to say that he moved up his trip to March 4-24.  Yay!  But I have a book due on May 4.  Panic!  When he’s home, I still need to find writing time.

He and his brother mostly grew up in our house.  My daughter was a single mom so lived with us until they graduated because she’s a nurse and worked nights.  We ran the boys to school and Little League and whatever else was going on.  Nate said he wanted to spend time here, just to sit on the couch and hang out with us.  And for me to cook his favorite foods:)  We’ll see how long that excites him, but we’re thrilled.  Even though I still need to write.

BUT since he’d be back on base at the end of March, that opened up May.  Except that then my daughter, the nurse, called to tell us that she took a traveling nurse post in Georgia and would start work on March 23.  She said that it would be wonderful if, once she got settled, we could drive down to see her.  Our second daughter called to tell us that where she and her husband live in Florida is only five hours away from where our older daughter will be.  When we leave Georgia, why not stop in to stay with them a few days?  Which sounds wonderful.  And fun.  And we’ll probably do it sometime in May.

So, this year, Malice Domestic will have to wait.  Way back when I was selling short stories, I attended it a couple of times, did a few panels there, and enjoyed it.  I’d really like to go again.  Maybe next year.

Do you have any favorite conferences?  Which ones?  And why?