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C.S. Boyack and I are blog and twitter friends.  I love his writing style and humor.  His latest book is finally out.  Only $2.99.  If you like sci-fi and quirky, you might like this:

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Grab Your Security Blanket

If you like horror or creepy, I have good news!  My super wonderful writer friend and fellow Scribe member read us her short story FRECKLES a while ago, and we’re all so happy for her!  It’s in the anthology BLOOD RED NOSE that came out TODAY, on Friday 13.  Appropriate, right?  Kathy’s stories are emotional and immediate.  If you know anyone who’s afraid of clowns, this anthology flips it and asks, What are clowns afraid of?

Here’s the info to find it on Amazon:

A Movie Plus

I don’t get to many movies, and I avoid important ones most of the time, so I enjoy M.L. Rigdon’s comments about them. She writes a blog worth checking out. And tomorrow, she’ll offer a snippet from her new fantasy book due out soon!


The Farewell

A diet of the superficial can lead to a want of substance. Feeling that lack in the present run of blah movies, I ran to catch The Farewell before it left theaters. So glad I did. With all the talk of diversity and inclusiveness, this is a story about how we are the same. When it comes to family, there are few cultural differences. Familial problems, foibles, and ongoing issues are personified in this touching story about a grandmother in the last stages of cancer. This is only part of the inciting incident. The real issue is that in China, the desperately ill are not told they are dying until the very end. This secret creates a painful wedge in the family—tell grandmother or not. What is fair, what is culture?

Awkwafina is brilliant as Billi. The close connection with her beloved grandmother shines throughout. She grieves the…

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I just read a great blog post about finding the balance between character and plot in stories.  I usually post writing things like this on my author Facebook page, but this one was so well done, I thought I’d share it here, too.

Also, I’ve been posting snippets from the Muddy River books most Mondays and snippets from the Jazzi Zanders mysteries on Thursdays.  This week, I’m putting up a short story that I wrote to get us in the mood for Labor Day.  Part 1 went up earlier this week.  Part 2 went up today, and The End goes up on Friday.  So if you want to read the whole thing at one time, it will all be there tomorrow.

Happy Writing!


One of my favorite authors, Ilona Andrews, is doing a Q&A on her blog right now.  I caught the link on twitter.  This time, two writers sent in questions and I thought she gave great answers.  One of the writers asked whether it’s better to try to sell some short stories before you try to sell a novel.

I’ve had some experience with that.  I started out writing and selling short stories.  When I finally decided to submit a book, I’d had short stories in 10 Alfred Hitchcock mystery magazines, 2 Ellery Queen mystery magazines, 3 Barnes & Noble anthologies, and 2 WomenSleuth anthologies, among others.  It helped to get editors to look at my submission, since I looked like a serious writer, but it didn’t help sell my books.  Editors only take what they’re sure they can sell.  If you send them a book that they think readers will buy, you’re in.  If you send them books that they think are in a market they consider glutted or “dead,” (like cozy mysteries were then), you’re pretty much doomed.  But Ilona Andrews gives the best answer.  You can see for yourself:

Which leads me to say, Do any of you have questions for me?  If you ever do, just ask.


Cover Reveal: Eventide by Mae Clair #thriller #supernaturalsuspense

My blogger friend, Mae Clair, is doing a cover reveal of her book. The desolate, creepy setting fits her dark, supernatural tales. I loved the first two books in her series. You might want to check them out:

From the Pen of Mae Clair

Hi, friends! Thanks for joining me today as I roll out the cover of the final book in my Hode’s Hill Series of novels. A special thanks to Staci Triolo for designing the snazzy header image for me. Isn’t it great? I was so appreciative of Staci’s help, given I feel like I’ve been treading water lately. But then I know she is, too. Most writers recognize it as a regular state of mind.

Every once in a while, we get something sparkly to distract us. For me it’s my latest cover.

Book cover for Eventide, a Hode's Hill novel by Mae Clair shows an old abandoned house in a wash of blue tones

Release Date: December 31, 2019
Genre: Supernatural Thriller / Suspense /Mystery
Publisher:  Kensington Publishing • Lyrical Underground Imprint

As with the first two novels in the Hode’s Hill series, Eventide features a dual timeline with two mysteries—one set in the present, one in the 1800s—that intertwine at the end.

The darkness is coming . . .


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My new cover

This is a quick post.  I just want to share the cover Michael Prete designed for me for All The Missing Children.  Hopefully, I’ll have it online soon.  My goal was the end of July.  Then there’s going to be a long dry spell for my paranormal mysteries while I write Jazzi 5.  I’m over 14,000 words on that, and it feels good to snuggle into a cozy again.

Anyway, here’s the cover.  I still need to write a zingy blurb for it, but that’s like pulling teeth for me.  Painful.  Here’s what I have so far:

Raven and Hester are looking for missing children. Someone kills their parents, then snatches them.  They find an orphanage that sells children for high prices to supernatural couples who can’t have any of their own. . . and run up against Murlyn–a warlock who’s happy to steal power and magic from any hapless witches who are weaker than he is.

Cover for All the Missing Children