Urban Fantasy Novels

All of my urban fantasy novels are available on my Amazon author page:  https://www.amazon.com/Judith-Post/e/B007P48F5G/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1469829922&sr=1-2-ent


When Caleb tried to join Lucifer and his rebellion, Enoch wrestled him to the ground until Lucifer, along with his band of rebels, was thrown in the pit.  Enoch thought he’d saved Caleb, but his fellow angel announced that he wanted freedom, he wanted to leave Home.  The One granted his wish and cast him to Earth, but without the Light to sustain him, Caleb grew weak.  So weak, he bit mortals and drank their blood for energy, infecting them with his own immortality and creating a race of vampires.  The vampires sired more of their own, and soon Enoch was cast to Earth to clean up Caleb’s messes.  He resented the chore for years until Enoch discovered for himself that Earth has a few blessings he can’t find anywhere else.

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WOLF’S BANE series:

When a werewolf attacks Reece Rutherford, a gargoyle saves her.  Where the werewolf pressed his paw against her, a bloodred pentagram stains her skin–the sign of the witch. Her magic has been awakened.  Reece joins with the gargoyles to fight rogue werewolves who are trying to take over Bay City.

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The Greek goddess of the hunt, living as Diana in a Manhattan apartment overlooking Central Park, is not one bit happy when her runes whisk her to a Norse meadow to battle hellhounds.  Her runes sent her for a reason, though.  The witch Heid, whom the Norse gods killed three times, refused to stay dead and is plotting to wrest enough power away from them to rule over mortals of her own.  Tyr and Donar aren’t happy to see her, and even less happy to admit they need her help, but the goddess Freya knows that Diana is going to be an integral part of their lives from now on.

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Babet, a powerful witch, teams with Prosper, a bear shifter, to keep River City safe from rogue supernaturals.