Newsletters–yea or nay?

My friend, M. L. Rigdon/Julia Donner just spent time setting up a newsletter with mailchimp.  She sent out the first one, and I enjoyed reading it.  I’d link it here, but I can’t find the link.  (Hint, hint, Mary Lou, if you’d like to put it in a comment for us).  I’ve seen more and more writers offering newsletters.  Do any of you?  I started one a long time ago, but fizzled.  I just couldn’t figure out what a reader would want to hear from me.  I already have this blog and a webpage and an author Facebook page.  I thought that was probably more than most people would want to bother with.

I read that authors often provide something free for people who read their newsletters. I wrote many free stories for my webpage.  And I had lots of visitors.  I don’t have the time to do that now, but I’m putting up excerpts.  And thank you to the people who still visit my page!

So, I’m asking:  what makes newsletters better than other author sites?  Are they more fun to write?  Do readers enjoy them more?   I’m curious.

I finally turned in my first mystery for Kensington and I’m working on my second one. They won’t come out until 2018, so if I wanted to start a newsletter, I have plenty of time to play with ideas, etc.  How often do you send a newsletter?  How do you make it special?

Thanks for any feedback!  And happy writing!



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4 thoughts on “Newsletters–yea or nay?

  1. Thanks for the plug! It took forever to load the addresses. There’s probably a faster and easier way but being tech-challenged, that wasn’t gonna happen. You’ve hit on the most difficult issue–what makes a newsletter interesting or what makes a reader bother to follow. Free stuff is good, but one thing that turns me off is pages and pages to plow through. Others might enjoy that, but not me, unless it’s a specific topic of interest. And I think your website IS your newsletter.

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