Two Movies in Two Days

I don’t know if anyone who visits my blog is a movie fan, but M.L. Rigdon writes many movie reviews on her blog. Worth checking out. I’ve been so excited about seeing Downton Abbey, I was thankful for a good review. And her shameless plug comes at a perfect time. Her epic fantasy, The Gracarin, will be out Oct. 10.



An outer space adventure that is mostly backdrop for wrenching internal struggle. Brad Pitt’s character, Major Roy McBride, has managed childhood issues with controlled avoidance. He’s buried pain so deeply that he’s cut himself off, shut down emotional responses. His success with this is demonstrated in how calm he remains in a terrifying life threatening accident that would make any normal person shriek nonstop or blackout. That neat talent is challenged when everything he’s done to protect himself begins to unravel with the monumental task of saving the world. His father, a brilliant scientist and deified astronaut thought dead, is making mayhem on Neptune.  Son must find trouble-maker dad, save the universe, while his internal self is hanging on by a thread.

Pacing is difficult in space films, mainly because everything is slowed down on screen for the illusion of weightlessness. The action gets slow at times but…

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