I’m a little surprised

When I decided that my nice Detective Gaff was going to be forced to team up with Detective Caden, I knew that would make it so that he couldn’t work with Jazzi anymore. Gaff and Jazzi have solved eight mysteries together, but Caden doesn’t believe in citizens being involved in homicide investigations. And he’s decided to put an end to it. That felt right for Caden. And it made Gaff squirm.

When someone tries to frame the new employee of Jazzi’s dad for murder, her dad asks her to vouch for him with Gaff. But when she calls, Gaff tells her that he can’t share information with her anymore. And he strongly suggests that she sits this one out, because he doesn’t want to see her get in any trouble. Jazzi’s always thought Gaff was as much a friend as a cop. She’s disappointed. Then, Caden calls, warning her to keep her nose out of the case.

And that’s where Jazzi surprised me. She’s usually a nurturing, caring person. She shows her love for people by cooking for them. And she’s pretty easy-going. But Caden just rubs her the wrong way. And when he tells her to butt out, it just makes her more determined to do as she pleases. She doesn’t need his permission to talk to people. So she does. And the more Caden irritates her, the more she wants to find the killer before he does.

Ansel’s determined to keep her safe, so he goes with her wherever Gaff, at one time, would have. In the meantime, Gaff’s stuck in the middle and doesn’t like it. When he calls Jazzi these days, she lets him know she’s not happy with him. And that hurts. But what can he do? Nothing.

The set-up for this story is going to be fun to write. I designed a cover, but it will probably change before the end of the book. But it helps me picture Book Nine. It’s like a working title. I like to have some big things to pin ideas on, but I know they could be temporary. I’d like to find a more “dead” looking body to put in the wheelbarrow, but that’s proven trickier than I thought:)

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