Happy Valentine’s Day

HH and I have been married for over fifty years, so romance isn’t what it used to be. Actually, it might never have been. Once you have kids, and you’re tired, or it’s been a bumpy year, it’s more about endurance and commitment than romance, but whatever makes it work is worth celebrating. So we’ve always celebrated the day by making a really special meal or going to a really special restaurant.

This year, we fiddled around too long and couldn’t get reservations at our favorite restaurants, so HH has decided to cook for me. He’s a good cook. When I taught, before kids, he’d cook the supper every Wednesday night while I went to the grocery store for the week’s order. Once I stayed home with the girls, that ended. But when he HAS to, he’s pretty handy in the kitchen.

For Valentine’s Day, he’s planning on roasting a whole duck, making a spinach salad, and baking a black walnut cake–one of my favorites. If he hits a snag (which I’m pretty sure he will), we’ll cook together, but it’s going to be fun.

Hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day, too, no matter who you’re with, even if you’re alone. My sister celebrates being single every year. Enjoy yourself!

9 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Aww, what a sweet thing for your HH to do, Judi.
    My hubs and I are having dinner in tonight as well. It’s gotten to the point I would rather relax at home with him and have a nice evening together.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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